01/18/18 — Wayne County sees little snow overnight

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Wayne County sees little snow overnight

By Steve Herring
Published in News on January 18, 2018 9:46 AM

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The snowstorm that dumped up to nearly a foot of snow in some areas to the west left only a dusting up to a half inch on Wayne County overnight.

Wayne County Public Schools are closed today. Wayne County government offices will open at 10 a.m. and Goldsboro city offices at 11 a.m.

The storm that was slow moving across areas to the west of Raleigh picked up speed across the eastern part of the state, said Brandon Locklear with the National Weather Service Office in Raleigh.

That meant the area had a "much smaller window" for precipitation, he said.

"You probably saw precipitation for somewhere between three and six hours, where just west of the Triangle it was closer to 12 to 15 hours." Locklear said. "So that is a big difference."

Also, because of the slower timing, temperatures were able to get warmer in Wayne County prior to the storm's arrival, he said.

Most of Wayne County had about 0.1 inches, or a dusting, he said.

The heaviest snowfall was in the Fremont area where up to a half inch fell, Locklear said.

And it was in northern Wayne County that state Department of Transportation crews concentrated their efforts overnight.

They are continuing those efforts today.

Meanwhile, a winter weather advisory is in effect until noon today because of ice- and snow-covered roads that will create dangerous travel conditions through midday.

Another advisory for black ice is likely for tonight.

Melting this afternoon will lead to a rapid refreeze tonight as temperatures fall into the 20s overnight.

The area had been fine until about 9 p.m. on Wednesday when a glaze began to form on the bridges and overpasses, said Luther Thompson, DOT maintenance supervisor for Wayne County.

"By that time the roads on the north end of the county started having a thin glaze completely covering the whole pavement," Thompson said. "So our crew treated everything with salt last night.

"We just concentrated on our four lanes and primary roads. They worked on those all night long. That is the reason that you see they are tried up this morning, because we treated them with salt last night."

This morning there were a few icy spots -- some south of Goldsboro, but the majority on the north end of the county near Fremont and Eureka, he said.

"I think that by lunch time this afternoon it's going to be gone," Thompson said. "If the sun hits and heats the pavement that is going to melt it."

Thompson said crews will monitor road conditions overnight.

"I am hoping the sun will dry most of this out today," he said. "If the sun comes out like it is right now, it should dry most of the pavement up.

"When I was on the way back in (this morning) I was surpassed how dry the roads were this morning, especially o the primary roads we treated overnight with salt."

The forecast is for sunny skies today with a high near 40 with wind chill values as low as 10. It will be mostly clear, with a low around 21 overnight.

It will sunny Friday with a high near 50 and wind chill values as low as 16 early. It will be clear overnight  with a low around 28.

Saturday it will be sunny, with a high near 56 and then mostly clear overnight with a low around 33.

Sunday will be sunny as well with a high near 60 and then mostly clear overnight with a low around 37.